BURNing questions: nick malizia

NIck Handstand
NIck Handstand

Trainer Nick Malizia is a fan favorite amongst Burn 60's diverse clientele. His classes are high energy and intense, but always fun and chock-full of dedicated Burners looking to push themselves to the limit and break past their fitness boundaries. If you have a goal in mind, Nick will make it his mission to help you reach it. He is passionate about his clients and an invaluable member of the Burn 60 Team. Here he shares a bit about what life is like as one of LA's most elite fitness professionals.

Burn 60: What is your favorite part of working in the fitness industry?

Nick Malizia: I love being a part of the huge changes my clients make mentally and physically. Its truly an amazing feeling.

What Makes You BURN

blue ridge mountains
blue ridge mountains

B60- If you could move to anywhere in the world where would it be?

NM: The mountains of Tennessee.

B60- Who is your biggest inspiration?

NM: My mom and dad. They are the two most amazing people in this world.

Feeling The BURN At Home

drake stadium
drake stadium

B60: When and where do you prefer to sweat?

NM: I do a variety of workouts and I do them all over Los Angeles. Whether it’s a traditional weight lifting session or an all out high intensity workout at the local track, I’m always down for the next challenge.

B60: Where are your “trouble zones”and how do you tone them?

NM: I try to focus on all muscles, head to toe, day in and day out. If I feel (my) body fat is getting a little high, then I hit cardio harder that week. If my upper or lower body strength is decreasing, then I’ll really hit the weight room hard. I’m always searching for the perfect balance of strength, size and speed.

B60: What is the one piece of workout clothing you cannot live without?

NM: Nike running shoes.

A Day In The Life


B60:Describe your perfect day!

NM: I’m a pretty simple guy. I truly, truly love what I do so waking up early to have a few productive sessions with my clients, then coming home late in the afternoon to my fiancé and our 3 dogs, that's pretty perfect - I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

B60: If you could live off of only one food, what would it be?

NM: A really good New York steak gets me every time.

B60: Where is your favorite place to “escape”in Los Angeles?

NM: Again, I'm a simple guy, so the beach does it for me.


Want to train with Nick? You can join him at our Brentwood, Los Angeles studio every week! View our complete list of classes and times here.