BURNing questions: kasseem osheroff

After enjoying a successful college football career at Northern Arizona University, Oregon native Kasseem Osheroff decided to continue down the path of athletic excellence. HIs journey brought him to sunny Southern California where he has been working as a personal trainer and fitness coach for the past few years. His classes at Burn 60 are high energy and musically driven. We recently spoke with him about what life in the fitness industry has been like for him and how he feels about making a career out of what he enjoys the most.

Burn 60: What is your favorite part of working in the fitness industry?

Kasseem Osherhoff: My favorite part of working in the fitness industry is the positive environment.  Also, being able to meet such talented people - clients and trainers alike.

What Makes You BURN

B60: If you could move to anywhere in the world where would it be?

KO: I would have to say Jamaica.

B60:  Who is your biggest inspiration?

KO: Definitely my mother. Her journey through life has shaped me. I’m inspired by her all the time.

Feeling The BURN At Home

B60: When and where do you prefer to sweat?

KO: Ideally between about 12-4pm, but after teaching or a session with a client I usually still have lots of energy so sometimes I knock them out then.

B60: Where are your “trouble zones”and how do you tone them?

KO: I would say my trouble zone is my cardio. I have a tendency to focus on anaerobic rather than aerobic training, so to make up for it out I mountain bike, hike, and go for runs.

B60: What is the piece of workout clothing you cannot live without (specific)?

KO: Shorts, personally I don’t like to work out in pants. Jordan shorts are my favorite.

A Day In The Life

B60:Describe your perfect day!

KO: Being able to sleep in, wake up and cook a nice breakfast then go hiking all day. Pretty simple.

B60: If you could live off one food what would it be?

KO: Fruit, I can’t get enough of it!

B60: Where is your favorite place to “escape”in Los Angeles?

KO: Malibu. It is so scenic and beautiful there.

Kasseem teaches in the mornings at our Brentwood, Los Angeles location every Monday-Friday. To sign up for one of his classes, click here.