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Our Favorite Moisture-Wicking Workout Gear

When asked what was the one piece of workout clothing he could not live without, Trainer David Petruzzi responded with the following:

"I sweat like a mad-man, so ANYTHING moisture-wicking is a must." - David Petruzzi

Sweat can put a serious damper on your workout (pun absolutely intended), but thanks to brands like Lululemon and Nike, it doesn't have to. More and more athletic apparel companies are turning to scientists in search of new technology which will help their customers combat perspiration. The result has been a trend of expertly designed sportswear that utilizes fabrics which have been engineered to rapidly absorb moisture and hasten its evaporation from the surface of the body. This so called "moisture-wicking" workout gear, more than lives up to its name and is favored by a majority of athletes and trainers across the globe.