weekend workout: planks for days

Charlotte Planks
Charlotte Planks

Whether you're training for a marathon, working your way towards your goal weight or just prepping to sit for another 8 hours straight in an office chair, core strength is vital. Your core is your center, your stability and your starting point for fitness/ Flat abs don't just make for a sexy bikini bod, they also help to protect vital organs, ease back pain, prevent common injuries, improve posture and aid both flexibility and coordination. Luckily, it takes far less time than you may think to keep your center strong. Just five minutes a day can make all the difference - really! Crunches and sit-ups need not apply. You can get all the same benefits of a basic abdominal workout and then some with this brief, belly-sculpting PLANK workout courtesy of Trainer Charlotte Mooney!

Give this 5 minute plank workout a try 3-5x a week and see the results!

Planks For Days: 1 Minute Forearm Plank 30 Seconds Mt. Climbers 30 Seconds Twisting Mt. Climbers (opposite knee to elbow) 1 Minute Forearm Plank 30 Seconds Right Side Plank 30 Seconds Left Side Plank 1 Minute Alternating Leg Plank*

*Start by taking 15 second breaks in-between moves as needed. Within 2-3 weeks you should be able to complete the workout fluidly (break-free) in just 5 minutes!