member of the month: jamie iffland


Meet JAMIE IFFLAND: Our December member of the month! She recently sat down with us after a Full Body Burn to answer a few BURNing questions that have been on our mind.

Burn 60:  What do you love most about Burn 60:

Jamie Iffland:  Everything! Burn 60 is the best full body workout I have ever experienced. There is no other workout that is more efficient. The trainers are dedicated, determined, and truly care about each class they lead. The management team is responsive and responsible. I feel a sense of caring that is genuine and sincere from everyone who makes up the incredible Burn 60 team.

B60:  What is your biggest fitness accomplishment?

JI:  My biggest fitness accomplishment... running the Los Angeles Marathon in 1998 and 2000. The funny thing about the 1998 Marathon is that I had never run in a race prior. I remember telling my dad as we were headed to the start of the race together, 'You know this is my first race ever!' Nothing like going for it! Another interesting fact about both marathons is that I never followed a marathon running program. I used to run for hours at a time so I thought I would sign up to run 26.2 miles.

B60:  Why have you made health and fitness a priority in your life?

JI:  Fitness and health have been my sanity and priority for years. I fell in love with running at 15 years old, 23 years ago for me. Fitness and health have to come from a love deep within, no one will get you out of bed at 4:45am to go run or go to the gym. Fitness is an incredible mental and physical outlet that we are so blessed to have. I never take it for granted, I enjoy every minute of it.

B60:  When you are not at Burn, where would we be likely to run into you?

JI:  When not at Burn 60...for me that is anytime after 7am or 8am!! During the week you can find me in and out of doctor's offices at work as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. On the weekends, I am always with the 2 loves of my life, Mitchell and Calista. My nephew and niece are my entire world is complete with them by my side.

B60:  What is one random or unique fact about you?

JI:  This one is tough! I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth for someone my size! Thank you Burn 60 team for being so wonderful and genuine!! Much love always to each of you!


What's more? The Burn 60 Team ADORES Jamie! Here is what some of the trainers had to say about this "Rockstar" client:

Light on her feet and strong in her heart! Jamie brings a smile and warm energy to every class, making Burn 60 feel like home whenever she is present. Thank you, Miss Jamie! - Anna

Jamie is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, inside and out. She truly puts everyone else before herself and is an inspiration to all! She is dedicated, loving, spunky, loyal, and a wonderful friend. We are so lucky to have her at Burn and in our lives! XO - Char

Jamie has been a loyal Burner for a long time! It's a pleasure to have her in class. Jamie ALWAYS comes in with a smile and positive attitude. That is what working out is all about! - Mie

Jamie always brings her bright smile and huge heart to every class she attends. But don't let that fool you, she works just as hard in each class. - Nick

Jamie is a ROCK STAR in every way!!! - Julie

The thing I most admire about Jamie is that she is smart enough to work around any injuries and not lose her training momentum. - Liam

Jamie has taken 781 classes from 20 different instructors including over 100 classes every day of the week since her first class in May,2010 . We noticed her favorites class times: 118 classes at 5:45am, 216 classes at 7:00 am, and 126 at 8:15 am. It is a fact-Jamie is a morning person. She is like a beam of sunshine - hard working, committed, delightful, and the epitome of consistent. She is a class act in and out of the gym. It is a privilege to have a client like Jamie. - Janet