working out on the go

fall run
fall run

From pumpkin pie to spiced egg nog, cookie trays to Christmas trees, menorahs to many a multitude of frequent flyer miles logged - the holiday season is finally upon us and it comes with quite the to do list!  All the food, family and fun to be had leave little room for your usual workout routine, but believe us when we say that come time for the ball to drop on New Year's Day you will be wishing desperately that you had not skipped so many workouts.  So don't! Don't let this be another year that you pledge to stay committed, to get back into shape and to lose those extra pounds you gained eating casseroles and lounging around in your footy pajamas!

Trainer Liam Glennon has put together the perfect routine to keep you happy and healthy during this bustling season. His special ON THE GO workout can be done with minimal or no equipment, wherever you are, in 60 minutes or LESS (depending on how much time you have to spare) and offers enough variety to prevent boredom and get every part of your body moving and grooving.

We'll take our leftovers with a side of leg raises please!


Do all or any combination of the following exercises for 30/ 45 or 60 mins:

Warm up - 1 mile slow jog

1) 100 jumping jacks/ 100 jump rope reps/ 100 kettlebell swings

2) 15 partial push ups/ 15 dumbbell push/ 15 kettlebell overhead press

3) 25 crunches

4) 20 squat jumps/ 20 dumbbell squats/ 20 kettlebell sumo squats

5) 25 leg raises

6) 1 mile medium pace run on treadmill/ track/road

7) 2 min front plank


Trainer Liam Glennon teaches regularly at Burn 60 Fitness Studio in Los Angeles, CA