interview with a runner: by lululemon athletica brentwood

Trainer Charlotte Mooney recently sat down with Lululemon Brentwood to discuss her love for running.  Check out the awesome interview below! INTERVIEW WITH A RUNNER:

How did you get started with running? Were you always a runner? CM: I actually did not fall in love with running until senior year of high school Then I feel in love. I started doing long distance races because it was a challenge and sense of and sense of accomplishment unlike any other.

Describe your perfect run! CM: My perfect run is a long morning run, starting at 7am in the beautiful Colorado mountains. The feeling of a morning run is like nothing else, the day is new, the air is crisp, and I feel like it is the only time I am not worrying about anything else in life.

What is the most important thing you have gained from running? CM: Mental strength is the most priceless thing you can gain from long distance running. I realized through marathon training that we are so much more capable than we realize as humans. Metal strength will carry you so far in life, weather it is running a marathon, reaching your career goals, or committing to a relationship the mental strength that running teaches you is irreplaceable.