5 ON, 5 OFF

It's baaaaaccccck! That's right. The much anticipated return of our 5 ON, 5 OFF class is FINALLY a reality. This challenging metabolic workout combines short bursts of high intensity cardio and strength training with equally short periods of recovery resulting in DECREASED body fat and INCREASED cardiovascular output.  The positive shock to your body will continue to break down fatty acids and convert them into fuel and energy for up to 24 hours post workout! Trainer Keith Anthony (pictured above), who teaches 5 ON, 5 OFF every Friday, gives us his take:

"I use this program to kick my own a-! The class is VERY fast moving. Strength circuits are short (2 or 3 movements only).  Repeat.  Then back on the treadmill for sprints.  (Also) It is the ONLY sprinting class on the schedule, so it is an opportunity to hit your fastest speeds!"

Set to an upbeat mix of hip-hop, house, and rock music, our 5 ON, 5 OFF class is definitely tough.  It is also incredibly fun and extremely addictive. Be prepared to give EVERYTHING you have if you plan to sign up, but trust us when we say it's worth it!