5 BURNing questions with julie diamond

Julie Diamond has been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years.  She is a personal trainer, a Lululemon ambassador and a beloved member of the Burn 60 family. We recently sat down to ask her a few "burning" questions.

Burn 60:  Where is someone likely to run into you? 

Julie Diamond: Greens Up on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.

B:  What is your favorite splurge?

JD: Sweet Rose Creamery's mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone! YUMMY!

B:  Do you have a current fitness obsession?

JD:  Lululemon sleeve warmers --- (they're) just fun!

B:  What is your best fitness tip?

JD:  Schedule your workout as your most important meeting of your day!

B:  Apart from your new website, are you currently working on any special projects?

JD: Yes! I am involved with the Kickin Cancer event being held in Brentwood on September 29th - it's a FUN 5K on San Vicente Boulevard.  I will be leading the crowd of over 3,000 in a warm-up and have started a team with Lululemon called "LULULEMON BRENTWOOD JUNEBUGS".

To learn more about Julie, visit her website Julie Diamond Fitness or sign up for a class! She teaches Full Body Burn at our Brentwood studio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1PM..