Every spring brings change and new growth! The west coasters start to forget the seasons because it doesn't feel as drastic when winter ends and spring begins. But when the seasons change so do people. It's a great part about human nature and you can't forget to embrace what change can do for your mind, body, and soul! Ever heard the phrase "Variety is the spice of life"? Well now you have. Every fitness professional, every nutritionist, every therapist will tell you...change it up or you will always stay the same.

Trying to lose weight and you can't seem to drop that last 10lbs? Have you been doing the same workout routine with the same trainer and eating the same foods at every meal? CHANGE IT UP BURNERS! Even trying the yoga or pilates class once a week will give your body a feeling of change. Overtraining can be a reason why the body doesn't let go of pounds! Try a new class with a different instructor to give the body variety and challenges that its' not already used to! Routine is good but variety is necessary!

Same goes with your diet! If you eat healthy and can't seem to shed those extra pounds then switch it up. Eat something different for breakfast every morning (an egg scramble one day, oat bran with raisins another day, toast and almond butter the next day, yogurt with blueberries, hard-boiled eggs and avocado with toast) Give your body variety and it will change for you!

Anna Renderer, MS Fitness Director, Burn 60