top 5 "living room exercises"

Stay fit by doing these top 5 exercises at home! Burn 60 instructor, Anna Renderer suggests trying to do at least 1-3 sets of these exercises on days you aren't coming to Burn 60! If you do cardio outside or at home, why not add some strength training exercises to your routine? They are going to help keep you toned and feeling strong! TOP 5 "LIVING ROOM EXERCISES" Plank and side step – Plank on the forearms and toes, keeping the body parallel to the ground. Bring the left leg out to the left and gently touch the ground. After bringing the left leg back to the center, repeat on the right side. Alternate for 20 repetitions.

Sidewinders – In a seated position on the floor, bring the knees into a bent position (feet off the floor, optional). Slightly lean back and rotate shoulders to the left and right to touch the hands gently side to side on the floor. Use the trunk and abdominals to support the body and twist. Alternate left and right twist for 20-30 repetitions.

Push up and Rotates- In a push up position, have the hands shoulder width apart and feet shoulder width apart. Perform a push up and as you fully extend your elbows, bring the left hand off the ground and open the arm chest to the sky. You should look towards the sky and keep your body straight and level from the ground. Repeat another push up and open the right arm up towards the sky. Continue to alternate for 10 total repetitions.

Single Legged Bridge (Laying on your back, hold your right knee towards the chest and place the left leg at 90 degrees on the floor. Press through the heel of your left foot and squeeze your glute to lift your hips up off the floor and bridge away from the floor. This is a small movement and you want to be sure not to compensate with your low back to lift, so be sure t press through your heel and squeeze the glutes. Complete 15 repetitions on each leg.

Squats: This is one of the most essential exercises to practice and master. You must be able to perform this movement correctly before adding weight. Keep feet about shoulder width apart. Your first movement is to tilt the hips anteriorly, as if you were going to sit while keeping the chest upright and back flat, you will slightly bend forward from the hips. As you tilt your hips back, bend the knees and lower the body. You should only go as low as your able without pain or losing form, no lower than thighs parallel to the floor. Keep your knees behind or even with your toes. Push weight through the heels to complete the movement and come into a standing position. When training for speed or strength, add squat jumps into your routine by adding a jump when coming into a standing position. Combining weighted squats and body weight squat jumps (add a weight vest or sand bag for extra resistance) will maximize your strength, speed, and power. Complete 15-20 repetitions.

Anna Renderer, MS