December Community Calendar


Monday, December 4th - Sunday, December 5th -- Trivia Week

Tuesday, December 5th -- Planet Beauty Sampling

Thursday, December 14th -- Organic Girl Sampling

Saturday, December 16th -- Power Crunch Sampling

Monday, December 18th -- Virtual Gift Bag Giveaway

Tuesday, December 19th -- Catered Fit Sampling

Saturday, December 23rd -- Emmy's Organics Sampling

Monday, December 25th -- Closed for Christmas


Saturday, December 2nd -- Catered Fit Sampling

Monday, December 4th - Sunday, December 5th -- Trivia Week

Saturday, December 9th -- Organic Girl Sampling

Saturday, December 16th -- Power Crunch Sampling

Monday, December 18th -- Virtual Gift Bag Giveaway

Tuesday, December 19th -- Catered Fit Sampling

Saturday, December 23rd -- Emmy's Organics Sampling

Monday, December 25th -- Closed for Christmas

December M.V.B. Ken Van Fossen!

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A chat with our M.V.B.

Tell us about your first class at Burn on Thursday, January 21, 2016, with Kris?

I remember being very nervous during my first class. I also remember the class being incredibly challenging, but Kris was incredibly helpful in keeping me motivated to get through it and to come back for more. 

Do you have a favorite instructor or class?

Kris Cueva is my favorite instructor. He knows how to keep me motivated and challenged to push a little harder every class. My favorite line of his is “just get better.” Any little improvement helps. And I’m definitely a morning class guy. Working out before I start my day helps to keep me energized and my mood elevated. 

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise?

I’d have to say my favorite exercise is the minute sprint. I’m a sucker for sprints. I feel that I can really wrap my head around running as fast as possible for one minute and pushing as hard as I can (just get better). As for my least favorite…burpees. I hate them. Yuk. But I still do them. :-)

What do you love most about Burn and what keeps you coming back?

What I love most about Burn are the trainers. All of them are pleasant, knowledgeable, and motivating and fun at the same time. I think almost all the trainers I’ve worked out with know who I am and have taken an interest in pushing me. That means more to me than one might think. In the past, relative to fitness and exercise, I was the guy that gave up early and easily. I was constantly anxious during other studio workouts and gyms and had an “I can’t do this” attitude.  The attention at Burn has kept me accountable and motivated and allowed me to gain confidence in my ability to reach the fitness goals I’ve always wanted, but constantly failed at or just gave up entirely. I am now pushing 40-years-old and am in the best shape I’ve ever been in my entire life. That's insane to me. I am in better shape at 40 than I was at 20. That. Is. MADNESS!!! This entire experience has helped to increase my self-esteem and provided me the confidence in myself that had been lacking up until this point. 

 What has been your greatest accomplishment inside the studio?  

I think my greatest accomplishment inside the studio is the fact that I’ve stuck with it. It’s become a part of my life now. If I don’t visit Burn regularly I feel “off.”  As a psychotherapist, I know that importance of managing one’s mood, including anxiety and depression. If I don't get there regularly I feel tired, slow, and irritable. Burn is my natural anti-depressant. It’s my routine and my self-care. It’s become the greatest thing I’ve ever done for myself and has truly changed my life. 


I would also like to give particular credit to Kris Cueva. He was the instructor during my first Burn 60 class and he got me to come back…continuously.  He took interest in pushing me to reach goals that he knew I could reach, even when I didn’t think I could. He kept me accountable, even when I wasn’t being accountable to myself. And he never gave up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself. No other instructor that I’ve ever taken, in any studio or gym, has had the effect on my life that Kris has had. He has helped to change my life and I owe so much of my progress and transition to his training and motivation.

And I keep coming back...


Ken Robison Burn 60.jpg

Bro 60 2017 Recap


Bro 60 2017 was a HUGE SUCCESS!

We sweat, laughed, had a few cold ones and raised $2,000 for the Movember Foundation! Once again, you've proven beyond a doubt that when TEAM BURN comes together, nothing is impossible. 

We want to thank everyone that donated and worked out with us last week. As well as our amazing brand partners that made Bro Sixty possible:  Catered FitHarmless HarvestKona Deep WaterPurlisseRedd BarStretchProIcelandic Glacial WaterdetoxwaterUPTIME Energy drinksgimME organic seaweed snacksTYKU sakeGrass Fed Coffee and Outdoor Voices.

And last but not least, thank you to Kris, Andrew, Liam, Nick and client Kevin K. for spearheading Bro Sixty for the 5th straight year, and educating us on some of the biggest health issues faced by men.

Be on the lookout for the Recap Video this upcoming week! We're already counting down the days till the next Bro Sixty! 

2017 recap slide show



November M.V.B. Tia Stamos!

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Congratulations to Tia Stamos Burn 60’s November MVB!

Tia has taken 310 classes from 11 different trainers in the last 1.5 years! Tia prefers the early morning, 95% of her classes have been at 6:00 or 7:00 AM. You can almost always find her at one of our studios every day. She averages 18-22 classes a month. Talk about dedication and commitment to health. Thank you Tia, you inspire us all.


A chat with our MVB...

Tell us about your first class at Burn on May 17, 2016 with Lana?

I was a total beginner, every run and all the floor work was so hard! I held a 9.0 sprint for about 20 seconds and felt like that was a win according to my skill level at that time. I was immediately hooked and knew Burn was for me. Great, challenging workouts is exactly what I look for.  

Do you have a favorite instructor or class?

Yes, Andrew and Liam! I take their classes regularly. Both have challenged and pushed me to be better overall and faster! I wouldn't be where I am today without them.

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise?

Favorite: Hmm ... I think it would be anything that I can actually complete whether it's a certain number of reps of an exercise on the floor or a distance/time I know I can run on the treadmill. Least Favorite: Definitely Push Ups, especially Hand Release Push Ups. You'd think after all this time I'd have it down but I'm still struggling and working on it! 

What do you love most about Burn and what keeps you coming back?

I love that Burn focuses on performing, and challenges you to improve your speed and strength. Burn pushes you to make the most out of your workout to make you an all around better version of yourself. What keeps me coming back to Burn are the trainers!

What has been your greatest accomplishment inside the studio?  

I'd say my greatest accomplishment is going from a Level 1/Level 2 to Elite (almost totally). With every class I try to get faster and stronger, I never thought I'd even come close to hit these numbers, when I do it feels amazing. Now, there's that 3 minute half still left! 


HERE'S WHAT the trainers HAve TO SAY:

"Tia is both Brentwood and Weho and she has come so far. She just hit a 12.5 for a minute...a number she laughed at when I first met her and said she will never hit. Milestones are literally dropping every time she walks in the door. Her numbers have improved and now she is a pure inspiration to everyone around her. I am very proud she is at Burn, she takes my class, and continues to improve every time! She is relentless. Go Tia!" - Andrew

"She has made real, measurable progress over the last year. Always does her best. Always happy to be in class." - Liam

November Trivia Week

Marathon Training Trivia Week BANNER.jpg

November Trivia Week: Marathon Training

How much do you know about marathon training? With our Run To Remember race right around the corner, get involved and stay active!

1. Approximately how many calories are burned during a marathon?

a. 1,500-2,000

b. 2,000-3,000

c. 3,000-4,000

d. 5,000+

2. Where was the coldest marathon ever held?

a. Oymakon, Russia

b. Tokyo, Japan

c. Boston, Massachusetts

d. Tromso, Norway


3. What year was the woman's marathon added to the Olympic Games?

a. 1989

b. 1996

c. 1984

d. 1970

4. What is the time limit to complete the Los Angeles Marathon and receive an official time?

a. 6.5 hours

b. 8 hours

c. 10 hours

d. 7 hours

5. The Boston Marathon is the oldest marathon in the United States. What marathon is the second oldest and was first run in 1907?

a. Philadelphia marathon

b. Walt Disney World marathon

c. Yonkers marathon

d. Chicago marathon


Bonus question (write-in answer): What was the name of the woman that won the first Olympic Women's Marathon?

a. 1,500-2,000

b. 2,000-3,000

c. 3,000-4,000

d. 5,000+


Additionally, we asked some of our trainers for some anecdotal advice on marathon training! See what they have to say and step up to the challenge!

1. What’s the last marathon you ran? Why did you choose to run it?

2. What advice would you offer to a first-time marathon runner?

3. Do you have a “dream” marathon you’d love to complete one day?

4. How can a Burn 60 class complement marathon training?


Sam’s answers:

  1. Have never run a marathon myself but here’s an answer to the rest of the questions.
  2. For first time marathon runners I would start training well in advance of the race date, slowly build up your mileage on a weekly basis, and get enough sleep to recover after long training days! When you start the race stick to your own pace, and don’t get caught in the initial rush.
  3. Dream marathon would be the Boston marathon. I went to university in Boston so I got to witness the intensity of the course first hand, that coupled with the communal spirit of the city during marathon day makes it the one race I’d love to run.
  4. Burn 60 classes give you the opportunity to work on your running form as well as your pacing, both essential for a long haul run. You’ll also save your joints from the high impact of running outside on concrete, plus the strength training on the floor is a great way to reduce chances of injury when running the actual marathon. 


Andrew’s answers:

  1. Kris did run to remember which was ours and did LA.
  2. Train and put in the miles it is the only way.  Then, the day of the race start of slow and pace yourself.
  3. NY is the penultimate. Boston is iconic. Also, London is amazing. 
  4. It allows you to train on a surface that will not pound your body for miles. It will also help you with your heart rate and make you an athlete for an athletic event! 

November Challenge


The November Challenge is back baby! Get your mind and body ready for the holiday season by setting a goal and conquering it!  Check out the contest details below and sign up in the studio...

How it Works:

Pick a goal:

Commit to taking 10 or 20 classes during the month of November.

Track your Progress:

Write your name on the November Challenge poster board in the lobby. Every time you take a class, put a shiny red sticker next to your name! (Just like in kindergarten!)

For those of you that take classes at our Brentwood & West Hollywood studios, track your progress at your home-studio. 


What's in it for YoU: 

Besides a rockin' bod and that amazing "I just conquered this goal" feeling, you'll score some major discounts! 

  • Take 10 Classes = 10% off next purchase or autopay*
  • Take 20 Classes = 20% off next purchase or autopay*


THE GRAND PRIZE: If you hit your goal before November 31st, you'll be entered into a raffle for a FREE MONTHLY UNLIMITED! 

*Class packages must be purchased by Dec. 15, 2017, see front desk for details. Current autopay clients will receive a discount on their next billing cycle. One grand prize winner per studio will be chosen by raffle announced on December 1, 2017.

5 Tips For Better Running Form


Whether you’re a seasoned runner or hopping on the tread for the first time, it’s important to focus on your running form. Proper form is the #1 way to reduce injury and of course get faster (and who doesn’t want that!)

So, here’s 5 tips from our trainers to focus on during your next class…


1) Run Tall


The better your posture, the more efficient your running technique. Hold your head high, stare forward, keep your shoulders low and loose and your torso and back naturally straight. If you’re slumped over, your muscles work harder to hold your body upright.


2) Watch Your Elbows + Relax Your Hands

Keep your hands loose, arms tight to your body, and elbows at a 90-degree angle. When you swing your arms, don’t cross the mid-line of your body – it throws off your symmetry + leads to quicker fatigue.


3) Keep Your Strides Short and Be Aware of Your Foot Strike


Keep your strides short, strike directly underneath your body and focus on pushing up and off behind you. If you’re landing in front of your hips, you’re over-striding, which can lead to hamstring and knee injuries.


Breath Though Your Belly

Sound weird right! What we’re really saying is to breathe from your diaphragm, which allows your lungs to take in the most oxygen. When you only use your chest muscles, you take in less oxygen and fatigue quicker. Focus on inhaling and exhaling through both your nose and mouth, raising your belly as you inhale and lowering your belly as you exhale.


Don’t Hover the Tread


The more fluid your stride, the more efficient your stride. Give your legs the room to fully extend by staying in the middle of the treadmill. Besides, you don’t need to jump off – you’re an athlete!

How To Prepare and Recover From Your Workout


You’ve probably heard it a million times, but working out is only part of the equation. A Burn 60 workout is going to improve your endurance, strength, speed and increase your metabolism ONLY if you properly prepare and recover. 

Here’s a few tips from our trainers on pre- workout preparation and post recovery methods.


Be All About the H20

When you sweat, your body needs water and electrolytes to refuel. To get the most out of every BURN class, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK and stay hydrated..

Daily Intake: 3-4 Liters

Pre-Workout: Drink 1 cup of water 20 minutes before your workout

During Workout: Drink 1 cup every 15-30 minutes

Post-Workout: Drink 1 liter for every 1000 calories you burn



Your diet plays a major role in your body’s health, ability to perform and recover. Consuming a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates and good fats daily will prepare you for any challenge in class. But, to really cash in on the physical rewards of training, you need to optimize your pre + post workout meals.

Pre-Workout: Before class, you want to charge your body with glycogen. Glycogen is what makes your muscles go, and they create this fuel by converting carbohydrates.


  • When: :30 before
  • What: 100-200 calories simple carb snack for a quick energy boost.
  • Examples: Greek yogurt, fruit, oatmeal.


  • When: 2-3 hours before
  • What: Balanced meal
  • If you’re feeling groggy: 100-200 calorie simple carb snack.


Post-Workout: After class, your muscles are in desperate need of glycogen and protein to start the recovery process. Protein repairs your torn muscle fibers and carbs energize your system.

  • When: 30 minutes to 1 hour after
  • What: Under 600 calorie meals loaded with complex carbs, healthy proteins and a dash of healthy fats
  • Healthy proteins: Chicken, fish, beans
  • Complex carbs: green veggies, starchy veggies, whole grains
  • Good Fats: avocados, olive oil, nuts


Get Your Sleep

Try to get 8 hours of sleep and stay on a schedule. In the wee hours of the night, your body is working non-stop to repair itself. Lack of sleep makes you crave high carb foods, affects your perception of fatigue and worst of all, you start burning muscle for energy instead of fat.


Roll Out


No, we’re not referring to the 2001 Ludacris anthem. We’re talking about self-myofascial release! Using a foam roller, which are available for you to use in the studio, reduces stiffness and prevents injury by breaking up muscle adhesions. Try it out before and after your next class!

Why You Should Train with a Heart Rate Monitor


The more information you gather during a Burn 60 workout, the easier it is to train efficiently and accelerate results.

But what does it mean to train efficiently? When it comes to running, there are 2 key factors to examine, effort vs. exertion:

  • Effort = Speed or distance (how hard you tried)
  • Exertion = Heartrate (the effects of effort on your body a.k.a. fatigue)

To increase your running efficiency, you must increase or hold a level of effort (speed or distance), while minimizing fatigue (exertion). For example, running your .25 pace with a lower heart rate or running a 11.0 sprint with a lower heart rate than your 10.0 sprint.

You’re probably asking yourself, “How do I measure this?” The easiest and best way to measure your running efficiency is to train with a Burn 60 heart rate monitor chest strap.


When you’re crushing high intensity intervals, your goal should be to hit high running speeds and/or achieve long distances while staying in the aerobic zone. For Burn 60 athletes, that’s 80-90% max heartrate. Training in the aerobic zone has incredible benefits. It increases your fat burning capacity, endurance and strengthens your heart.

As soon as you hit around 93% max heart rate, you enter the anaerobic zone. In this zone, your body is forced to operate on lower oxygen levels, your decision-making skills are compromised, and your running form deteriorates. During an all-out sprint, you’ll end up in the anaerobic zone, and that’s not bad! But, always try to keep your heart rate as low as possible no matter what zone you are in by relaxing your upper body and focusing on your running form.

Everyone’s zones are different, your aerobic zones may be lower or anaerobic threshold higher. But, the first step to understanding your individual spectrum is to calculate your max heart rate (220- your age) and to be aware of your heart rate % during different running stages (jog-run-sprint).

The better your body can combat fatigue, the quicker you’ll see results, and decrease your chances of injury. So next time you sign up for class, purchase a Burn 60 heart rate strap from the front desk and start training smart!

How to Run Faster


Do you have the need for speed? Who are we kidding, of course you do. If you’re ready to make your dream of hitting the ever-elusive 12.5 sprint a reality, you better settle in and get ready to soak up some knowledge. This is Burn 60 101: How to Run Faster.

What is Speed?

Speed isn’t just the little green number on the right side of your treadmill, it’s a mathematical equation.

Speed = Stride Length X Stride Frequency

Stride length: the distance covered between two consecutive placements of the same foot. So, the distance between your right foot step and your second right foot step.

Stride frequency: steps per minute. Also known as cadence.

Put simply, speed = the amount of ground you cover X steps per minute.


Getting Faster, the Efficient Way

Think about this. Speed = Stride Length X Stride Frequency. To get faster, you can increase your stride length or increase your stride frequency, right? Correctomundo.

BUT one is better than the other, take a guess… Stride length! Why? Our goal at Burn 60 is to turn you into an efficient runner. We want to increase your effort while lowering your exertion.

When you increase your stride frequency, you increase your effort a.k.a. your heart rate, which leads to quicker fatigue. And that’s BAD.  When you increase your stride length you cover more distance without increasing your effort – ding ding ding, EFFICIENT!


How to Increase Your Stride Length

Before we cover this topic, let’s talk about a BIG NO-NO when it comes to increasing your stride length…

You do not increase your stride length by stepping out further then your normal stride.


This produces heel-striking, which acts as a break AND It’s the #1 way to get injured while running.

To increase your stride length (ground covered when both your feet are off the ground), you need to maximize the amount of power you generate pre-take off, by striking the ground at the center of your mass. This increases force production and propels your further. 

This sounds like a pretty complex concept, so we’ll break it down for you. Focus on the following topics in your training and you’ll increase your stride length in no time…


Tips for Increasing Your Stride Length

Take Shorter Steps

  • No, we’re not crazy! This sound counterintuitive, but by taking shorter, more compact steps you maximize takeoff force from your center of gravity. Remember, over striding leads to heel-striking, slower speeds and increases your chances of ankle, knee, hip and back injury. Focus on exploding up, not reaching out.

Strengthen your hips, core and glutes

  • Most of the power in your running stride comes from your hips. By focusing on core and lower body strength training you’ll increase your power and lengthen your stride. Running on an incline is also another great way to increase your power.

Take the Time to Stretch

  • By performing dynamic stretches (like walking lunges or squat jumps) before your runs, you increase your hip flexor and hamstring flexibility. Which, Increases the amount of power you generate at take-off and the fluidity of your stride.

Increase your Aerobic Capacity

  •  By focusing on your running form and increasing your endurance, you train your body to better handle exertion. The better your body handles exertion, the more consistently you can generate power throughout your run. Checkout the article “Why Train with a HR Monitor" for more on this topic.

Want some good news? The Burn 60 workout is designed to increase your athletic performance! Every one of these tips is covered during our :45- :60 full body workouts. The more you Burn, the faster you’ll run. That said, it’s important to understand the mechanics of speed and to listen to your body. You’re not going to get faster by killing yourself. Focusing on form and stride execution is the key to faster speeds. See you on a treadmill and happy running!

5th Annual Bro Sixty Charity Class



Date: Thursday, November 16th 

Time: 7:00p

Place: Burn 60 West Hollywood

Spots Available: 26

Recommended Donation: $25 + to Burn 60 Movember Charity Team Pag e

Swag + Gifts: Each attendee receives a swag bag from our partners + Bro 60 limited edition tee


5 years ago, the Bro 60 workout began as a little idea inside trainer Nick Malizia's head. Since then, it's turned into an annual event that's raised almost $8,000 to support the Movember Foundation. We're excited to continue this proud tradition with the 5th Annual Bro 60 - Movember Charity Workout on November 16th @ 7:00 in West Hollywood.

The Movember Foundation is the only charity tackling men's health on a global scale and addresses some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. In only 13 years they've independently funded more than 1,200 men's health projects around the world. And by 2030 they'll reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%. 

Nick, Liam, Kris & Andrew have graciously donated their time to put together an unprecedented 4-trainer, 60-minute, ass-kicking, charity workout event. Catered Fit, Harmless Harvest, Kona Deep Water, Purlisse, Redd Bar, StretchPro, Icelandic Glacial Water, detoxwater, UPTIME Energy drinks, gimME organic seaweed snacks, TYKU sake, Grass Fed Coffee and Outdoor Voices have also joined the team and donated some amazing gifts for attendees. 

To sign up for the 5th Annual Bro 60 - Movember Charity Workout we ask that you make a minimum donation of $20 to our Burn 60 Movember team charity page. Once you have donated, we will reach out to you through email and add you to the class roster. There are 26 spots available. If you cannot attend the event, your donations are still very much appreciated. Help us reach our goal of raising $2,000 this year! 

Alright FAM! Let's BURN TOGETHER, take-action, grow a stashe (if you can) and show the world the real power of the Burn 60 community. It's time for Bro 60 2017! 

2016 RECAP


November Community Calendar

WEHO Calendar Slideshow.jpg

Nov. 1st - Nov. 30th: November Challenge

Saturday, Nov. 4th: Body Energy Club

Nov 6th - Nov. 12th: Trivia Week

Thursday, Nov. 9th: Catered Fit Sampling

Saturday, November 11th: Harmless Harvest Sampling

Thursday, November 16th: Bro Sixty Movember Workout

Saturday, November 18th: Catered Fit Sampling

Saturday, November 25th: Lorna Jane In-Studio

Friday, November 24th: Black Friday Sale

Saturday, November 25th: Power Crunch Sampling

Monday, November 27th: Cyber Monday Sale


Brentwood Calendar Slideshow.jpg

Nov. 1st - Nov. 30th: November Challenge

Wednesday, Nov. 1st: Catered Fit Sampling

Nov 6th - Nov. 12th: Trivia Week

Tuesday, November 7th: Harmless Harvest Sampling

Saturday, November 11th: Do Lyfe Activewear In-Studio

Tueday, Nov. 14th: Catered Fit Sampling

Thursday, November 16th: Bro Sixty Movember Workout

Thursday, November 16th: Lorna Jane In-Studio

Friday, November 24th: Black Friday Sale

Sunday, November 19th: Power Crunch Sampling

Monday, November 27th: Cyber Monday Sale


October Trivia Week


This month's Trivia Week, we're highlighting the role fitness plays in fighting cancer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. How much do you know? 

Here's how the contest works: 

  • Check the whiteboard in the lobby, instagram or the Burn 60 blog to view the questions.
  • Grab a trivia week card in the studio, fill it out and submit your answers by Sunday, October 15th.
  • Get all the answers correct, and you'll be put into a raffle to win a Burn 60 t-shirt or tank!


1. Any form of physical activity can help reduce your risk of cancer?

  • True
  • False

2. The US Dept. of Health & Human Services recommends that adults participate in how many minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week? 

  • 2 hours 30 minutes 

  • 1 hour 45 minutes 

  • 2 hours

  • 3 hours

3. Physical activity is linked with better survival outcomes after a breast cancer diagnosis?

  • True
  • False

4. Physical activity boosts the immune system, which can lower risk of cancer? 

  • True
  • False

5. Which of the following is/are (a) universally accepted way(s) to reduce your risk of cancer? 

  • Quitting smoking 

  • Staying consistently physically active 

  • Maintaining a healthy weight 

  • All of the above 

September M.V.B. Adam Howard!

Blog Banner MVB SEP.jpg

We’re proud to announce Adam Howard as the September 2017 Most Valuable Burner! Adam has come a long way since he came to Burn, self-motivated to hit every milestone. He was thrown right into the Burn 60 experience with Liam's Extreme Burn 45 Class. Pushing through our most challenging class, Adam has gone on to take 136 classes from over 10 different Burn instructors and amazingly enough, 99% of them at 6AM! Impressive! Determined to hit serious milestones, Adam has conquered Liam's military style class, completing his first 2:59 half-mile. His trainers couldn't be more stoked on his progress, watching him transform into an all-star over the course of the past year and a half. Adam is an inspiration to the Burn community and we can't wait to watch him create a new Burn 60 milestone!


Tell us about your first class at Burn on January 4, 2016

I'll be honest - I can't even remember my first Burn class, which is probably a good thing if you're telling me it was with Liam.  I would imagine probably went something like running a 4+min half mile, wanting to vomit, and having Liam tell me I'd be better off going outside to have a smoke and a donut.

Do you have a favorite instructor or class?

 Since Liam is copied on this email, I have to say Liam, right?  In all seriousness, there are things I like about all the trainers at Burn, but I think Liam challenges me the most and pushes me the hardest.  I'm really competitive and I hate failing, and I think Liam knows that and uses it against me. I used to be the chubby kid who ran 10 minute miles in middle school, and just prior to injuring my knee, I ran a 5:46 mile, which I can guarantee wouldn't have been possible without Liam kicking my ass every morning. If he could only get his act together with the music…

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise?

 My favorite exercise is none of them; I think if you have a favorite exercise, you're either not doing it right or not trying hard enough.  My least favorite exercise is a tie between burpies and running at an incline.  Woof.

What do you love most about Burn and what keeps you coming back

My favorite thing about Burn is definitely the trainers.  All the trainers have their own style and I like that I get to go to the same studio and get very different, yet very challenging workouts.  That consistency is something I think a lot of other studios lack.  I was also very appreciative of the extra attention I received when I couldn't run and had to double up on the floor.  It was a very frustrating couple months, and the Burn trainers definitely helped me though my recovery (and continue to do so).  Finally, I also think there's something to be said about the members; there's almost an unspoken bond while we all commiserate through Liam's class at 6am.  It's a very motivating group to be part of.

Here's what Liam has to say about Adam:

He did double floor for 6 months because he injured himself running but didn't want to stop coming to Burn 60 with his wife Rachel.  Monday morning of this week for the first time in half a year he banged out a 2:59 Half Mile. He is fully recovered and never stopped training even though he couldn't run and running was his favorite exercise. He learned new exercises. Strengthened his back. He kept his lungs and heart in running shape without running because we operate very fast on the floor at Burn 60. Pure determination and intelligent training - Liam G.

Congratulations Adam. We are proud to have you have you as our 6AM Ambassador. 



October Community Calendar

October Calendar Brentwood.jpg

Monday, October 9th: Trivia Week 

Saturday, October 14th: Vere Hair Tie Pop Up from 9:00a - 11:45a

Monday, October 19th: Health Warrior Sampling: 7:45a - 11:45a

Thursday, October 21st: Purlisse Pop Up from 9:00a - 11:45a


October Calendar Weho.jpg

Saturday, October 7th: Primo Health Body Comp Testing from 9:00a - 11:30a

Monday, October 9th: Trivia Week

Saturday, October 14th: Body Energy Club Sampling from 9:00a - 11:30a 

Friday, October 20th: BURN 60 WEHO TWO YEAR BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, October 21st: Health Warrior Sampling from 9:00a - 11:30a

Saturday, October 28th: Stretch Pro Demo from 9:00a - 11:30a 

Saturday, October 28th: Reebok LA Scavenger Hunt from 1:00p - 4:00p 

A Letter From Julie (Kickin' Cancer - Narrative)

letter from julie Blog Banner.jpg

Julie shared some inspiring words, a letter on her life-story and the ways in which cancer has affected her life. Read the story below, and get involved by signing up for Kickin' Cancer via team Burn!



Seriously --- I lost both my parents to cancer at an early age. My Mom had ovarian cancer and my Dad had throat cancer. And watching the ones you love suffer and deteriorate is heart wrenching.

Prior to them getting ill, I had a booming career in fashion but had to step away to care for my sick parents. In that time I reevaluated my life and career and decided I wanted to focus on health and wellness --- for myself and others. I had a new calling from fashion to a career in fitness. I became passionate about learning everything I could about fitness, nutrition and how to fight disease.

I myself went through all the 28 gene testing to better understand if I'm at risk --- luckily I am not but I still engage in fueling my body on every level to be sure I stay my healthiest self. Because genes aren’t the only way cancer can creep up --- lifestyle is also a big factor.

I discovered that there is substantial evidence that higher levels of physical activity are linked to lower risks of several cancers --- go workout!

In addition, there are many foods that help lower the risk of cancer --- leafy, green vegetables are one --- eat healthy!

Lastly, lowering stress levels and having a positive mindset is crucial to our physical health as well as our mental health --- find happiness!

For the last 6 years I have been the fitness ambassador to THE LYNNE COHEN FOUNDATION and I kick off their 5K race in Brentwood on Oct. 1st at 9AM. It’s a great nonprofit that is committed to raising awareness and contributing life-saving knowledge to our community.

It’s been well over 20 years and I miss my parents everyday --- my hope is to help as many as possible live a healthy, happy, and cancer free life.

Thank you for letting me share my story and if I can ever answer any questions regarding health and wellness it would be my pleasure. If I can ever answer any questions regarding health and wellness, please contact me at


- Julie


Pop-Up Recap - Burn 60 x Reebok LA

recap blog banner.jpg

Thanks everyone for coming out to the first ever Burn 60 x Reebok LA Pop-Up Event! Such an all around great time! Jenia and Lana took control and led a dynamic class filled with burpees and jump squats, we know they're your favorite way to start a Saturday morning. 

For those of you that couldn't make it, you were missed. However, we couldn't be more excited to be throwing events and hosting partnerships just like this. Moving forward, we're hoping to do many more pop-ups, so stay involved!

Below is a slideshow of pictures from the event:

Trivia Week Nutrition Questions


This month for Trivia Week we're heading right into one of the fundamental stepping stones of fitness: nutrition. Test what you know; and use this quiz to take advantage of where you're slipping in what you eat everyday. Stepping up your nutrition game will bring you one step closer to hitting that next milestone!


1. How many grams of protein should you aim to eat in every meal?  

  • 15-20 grams 

  • 25-30 grams 

  • 30-35 grams 

  • 35+ grams 

2. True or False: All calories beyond what the body needs to survive is stored as fat  

  • True 

  • False 

3. Sulforaphane, a compound thought to protect against cancer is found in which food(s)?  

  • Kale 

  • Tea 

  • Yogurt 

  • Broccoli 

4. How many calories does it take to create one pound of fat?  

  • 785 

  • 1590 

  • 2000 

  • 3500

5. Which does not contain fiber? 

  • Broccoli 

  • Oatmeal 

  • Steak 

  • Baked beans